22nd July 2024

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Phones in Oman: Guide for 2024

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, and Omani residents are no exception. Let’s dive into the world of phones in Oman, covering trends, apps, and where to find the best deals. Phone Trends in Oman (2023/2024) Must-Have Phone Apps for Oman Where to Download Phone Apps Phone Prices in Oman (Lulu … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Lands in Oman: Upgrade Your Smartphone Game

Samsung galaxy s24 Oman

Samsung has officially launched its cutting-edge Galaxy S24 series in Oman, and tech enthusiasts are buzzing! The lineup includes the sleek Samsung Galaxy S24, the power-packed Galaxy S24+, and the photography master, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Let’s dive into what makes these phones stand out. What’s New and Exciting The Galaxy S24 series boasts significant … Read more

iPhone 15 Series: Your In-Depth Guide (Oman Edition)

iphone 15 oman

Apple has shaken up the market with the arrival of the iPhone 15 series! If you’re an Oman resident eager to get your hands on the latest iPhone, let’s dive into the models, features, where to buy, and the exciting upgrades Apple has delivered. The Lineup: Which iPhone 15 is Right for You? Apple continues … Read more

Mi 4: The Perfect Blend of Style and Performance

The smartphone market is constantly changing, with new devices coming out every year. Among the many options available, the Mi 4 stands out as the choice for tech enthusiasts and casual users. With lots of great features, this phone offers a seamless user experience at an affordable price. Key Features of Mi 4 Display and Design The Mi 4 has a beautiful display that brings vivid colors and vivid details … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Max Prices in Oman

iphone 14 pro max oman

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro max are highly demanded in Oman since their launch.  Omantel started pre order online and within hour all the pre-order was compeleted. On Thursday 22nd September 2022, pre-order was again open and this time within 30 mintues phones were ordered. This shows highest demand ever for the iPhone phones … Read more

iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in Oman Updated July 2022

iphone 13 pro max oman

iPhone 13 Pro Max Oman price update April 2022.  Phones are currently available in almost all the popular mobile stores in Oman. Since September 14, 2021, when iPhone 13 pro max was released, many people in Oman showed interest to upgrade their existing phones to a newer and better model.  In this article, we have … Read more