22nd July 2024

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Festivals in Muttrah Oman

festivals in muttrah

To advance Muttrah’s commitment the legacy and culture of Oman, the Muttrah Heritage and Tourism Festival started off on Wednesday and will go on until March 28.The celebration is being held at Riyam Park, Muttrah Sabla and Sultan Qaboos Port, and incorporates various amusement, social, workmanship, social, and business occasions. Without precedent for Oman’s celebrations, … Read more

iPhone 13 Pro Max Prices in Oman Updated July 2022

iphone 13 pro max oman

iPhone 13 Pro Max Oman price update April 2022.  Phones are currently available in almost all the popular mobile stores in Oman. Since September 14, 2021, when iPhone 13 pro max was released, many people in Oman showed interest to upgrade their existing phones to a newer and better model.  In this article, we have … Read more

Barka Zoo: An Naman Park in Oman has 5 amazing ameneties.

barka zoo oman

Due to harsh weather conditions in Oman finding wildlife isn’t always easy. Especially if you are a traveler and you want to explore the Wild Life of Oman, it becomes challenging to get one. Though Oman is popular because of Sea Animals, land animals except pets can be hardly found in Oman. This is where … Read more