26th May 2024

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Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Phoenix rising from the ashes.’ is linked to the storge from olden times, mainly from Egypt. If we talk about Phoenix which is a birth that is related to Greek myth too which means regenerate or born again. This means that Phoenix gets another life from the ashes of its parents or predecessors.

Where does the myth Phoenix Rising From The Ashes originate from?

It is said that in the 18th century ancient Egypt is the source of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, some people link it to other

The process of Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

The myth said that the bird lives for almost 100 years and when it is about to die the nest will burn and as a result the bird will be converted to ashes and then the phoenix will rise again or will get a new birth.

What is the reality of Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

The myth can be considered as an idiom which doesn’t mean that it has any reality, but if we link it to our practice life we get to know that we go through various problems in our life, and there are various ups and downs in life.

When someone is at the peak of his life it doesn’t mean he will always remain there. You might get into troubles also and sometimes those troubles can create disaster in your life and then you can bear these hardships you can rise again as a newborn.

We experience Phoenix rising from the ashes throughout our lives, we see the world changing around us. Take an example of World War II where Japan was burnt but what happened they grew and became world leaders in technology at times. This example can be linked to this myth.

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