26th May 2024

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Wadi Al Hoqain Oman

Wadi Al Hoqain is beautiful when you reach this amazing wadi, you will see an amazing waterfall. You will get a great day to swim and enjoy nature.

Where is Wadi Al Hoqain Located

It is just 2 hours drive 150 KM from Muscat or 50KM from Rustaq, take left from Suwaiq Roundabout and head towards Rustaq, take exist towards Wadi Bani Awf and then follow the signs towards Wadi Al Hoqain.

What is the History of Wadi Al Hogain

Wadi Al Hoqain and the nearby places will take you to the historical architecture and ancient socities. Specially the Al Hoqain Fort, which was built in the year 1722 AD. The fort is built on hilltop.

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