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Muscat Marathon – Al Mouj 2022

Muscat Marathon is Oman’s biggest sporting event! Following the unavoidable postponement of the event in February, which is held November 11th & 12th at Al Mouj Muscat.

This year’s event will be the biggest ever and you will be running alongside an astounding 12000 runners.

Race Pack Collection will be on November 9th and 10th from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the dedicated counter in the Oman Sail parking beside Al Mouj Marina.

Over the coming weeks, keep a close eye on your e-mail and our social media channels for all up-to-date information related to this year’s event.

Muscat Marathon Route GPX, Garmin Connect and Strava

If you want to download and view Route Map for Marathon and Half Marathon

Below are the interactive route maps for Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

How to prepare for Muscat Marathon

This is 60 days plan, If you are in the middle of your training routine by now, the end is nearly in sight but you can still make important gains by switching up your diet and making sure you are getting everything you need.

Food is more than simple nutrition – food is fuel.

The more you run, the more you need. That means you need to eat more. You need those calories! But where you get those calories from really does matter. Sure, we’d all like to eat a litre of ice cream, but that probably won’t help you reach the finish any faster.

Aim to eat more lean meats, complex carbs and fresh vegetables. That can include chicken and fish, brown rice, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans and pulses and quinoa.

Avoid high-fat snacks such as crisps and chocolate, opting instead for snacks combining a healthy dose of protein and carbohydrate, which make the best fuel. Fruit, especially bananas with nut butters, a handful of nuts, plain popcorn, low-fat crisp breads and natural yoghurt are all excellent choices.

It is also vital to stay hydrated and drink enough water during the day. And prepare to be hungry! This could mean you are not eating enough pre- or post- run, or often enough in general.

About Muscat Marathon

Muscat Marathon was first Organized by Muscat Road Runners in 2012 where 135 runners participated in the event. Since then Muscat Marathon grew and many athletes traveled from various countries to participate in Muscat Marathon.

Al Mouj Muscat which is Oman’s premier lifestyle destination join the hands of Muscat Road Runners and together with Oman Sail started organizing the event.

Since 2017 Muscat Marathon is called “Al Mouj Muscat Marathon


In Year 2019 more than 8000 runners from 103 natioanlities participated in two days running festival in various races of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon.

All the routes were certified by the world-running organization AIMS, aligning the event with International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF) standards.

Winners of Muscat Marathon 2019

2020 was supposed to attract many runners across the globe, but due to the Covid19 Pendamic event was cancelled.

2021 There was no event annouced due to Covid 19 restrictions.

2022 Oman’s Biggest Race – Muscat Marathon

In February 2022 Event was annouced but due to Covid 19 restrictions it was postponed.

When is Muscat Marathon in 2022

11-12 November 2022 is the day for Muscat Marathon 2022 which is one of the biggest events of Oman

Muscat Marathon Race Categories

There are 6 Major Races in Al Mouj Muscat Marathon 1K Kids Race, 2K Kids Race, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon

Full Marathon

Most popular distance is Full Marathon which is 42.2KM run, runners feel proud when they cover this distance. The professional runners are able to complete it in between 2 to 3 hours. Good runners do it from 3 to 6 hours and the cutt off time for the race is 6 hours.

Half Marathon

Half of the distance of 42.2 KM (Full) is 21.1 called Half Marathon. The average runner takes 2 and Half Hours to complete this distance. This distance is a popular distance among runners.


This race distance is perfect distance for most of the runners, joggers who are not regular runners most of the runners are able to finish this distance in 1 Hour. However it might take longer for those who are not running regularly.


This is most popular distance among adults and female, thousands of runners participate in this race, and you will see many runners either jogging or walking. Even if you are not a runner you can still run this distance and you can walk as well. This is just a fun run.

Kids Races

Kids races are also divided into three categories

1KMAge 7 to 8 Years9:30 AM Start Time
2KMAge 9 to 10 Years8:30 AM Start Time
3KMAge 11 to 12 Years7:30 AM Start Time

Al Mouj Muscat Marathon Registration Fee

Follow is the Price Table of Muscat Marathon 2022 Registration Fee

RaceAgesDateParticipation Fee
Full Marathon (42.2 KM)11th NovemberUS $ 91
Half Marathon (21.1 KM)11th NovemberUS $ 78
10KM 11th NovemberUS $ 65
5KM12th NovemberUS $ 26
3KM Kids Race12th NovemberSold
2KM Kids Race12th NovemberSold
1KM Kids Race12th NovemberSold

Muscat Marathon Prize Money

The Prize money is categories by Races, below are the prize money table

al mouj muscat marathon

Full Marathon (42.2KM) Prize Money

1stOMR : 2200OMR : 2200
2ndOMR : 1200OMR : 1200
3rdOMR : 800OMR : 800
4thOMR : 500OMR : 500
5thOMR: 200OMR : 200
1st OmaniOMR : 200OMR : 200

Half Marathon Prize Money

1stOMR : 750OMR : 750
2ndOMR : 400OMR : 400
3rdOMR : 150OMR : 150
1st OmaniOMR: 150OMR : 150

Half Marathon 10KM

1stOMR : 200OMR : 200
2ndOMR : 150OMR : 150
3rdOMR : 50OMR : 50

Other Prizes

Most active school will be given a prize worth of OMR : 1000 worth of fitness equipment.

Muscat Marathon Route

Here is the route Map of Muscat Marathon

Full Marathon Route

Half Marathon Route

10K Route

5K Route

Muscat Road Runners

Muscat Road Runners is one of the oldest running clubs in Muscat. This club started Muscat Marathon and then Al Mouj is now the official partner. MRR in Oman welcomes all runners from all nationalities on a voluntary basis.

The club doesn’t take any responsibility for injury or sickness, the members need to also support the club by organizing the runs and races throughout the year.

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