26th May 2024

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Job rotation is a common practice in many organizations, and involves moving employees between different roles or departments within the company in order to expose them to different areas of the business and enhance their skills and knowledge. Job rotation can be a useful tool for developing employee skills and retaining top talent, and can also help to improve productivity and employee engagement.

As a part of employment development program. The Ministry of Labour in Oman launched Ejada Platform for job rotation.

Saqr Said Al Rubei’ee, Assistant Director of Training and Manpower Development at the Ministry of Labour, gave a briefing about the electronic platform (Ejada) on job rotation. He pointed out that Ejada comprises all that relates to the initiative of job rotation, including the terms of application.

Al Rubei’ee said that the website is accessible to all government employees and that the platform is the starting point to apply for job rotation.

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