26th May 2024

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Wadi Bani Habib : an abondoned valley in Jabel Akhdar Oman

Wadi Bani Habib is located in Jabel Akhdar which is a tourist destination in Oman. It is a wonderful area in Oman especially during summer people all over Oman and the world visit this place.

There are various villages to visit, rose village and Omani culture can be seen here. If you love history then Wadi Bani Habib will help to understand how people lived here hundreds of years ago. An irrigation system called Falaj can also be seen and experienced here.

Hiking and trekking is never to miss. This place is also popular for trail running.

The Wadi Bani Habib is more accessible to the public. If you love trekking then do visit this place from various directions.

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