13th April 2024

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Oman National Football Team

The Oman national football team represents the Sultanate of Oman in international football (soccer) competitions. The team is controlled by the Oman Football Association, which is the governing body for football in the country.

Oman has been a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since 1980 and has competed in several AFC Asian Cups and the AFC World Cup Qualifiers. The team has had some success in international competitions, including winning the Gulf Cup of Nations in 2009 and 2012.

Some of the notable players who have represented the Oman national football team include Ahmed Mubarak “Kanu,” Ali Al-Habsi, and Ali Al-Busaidi. The team is currently ranked 109th in the world by FIFA, the international governing body for football.

Overall, the Oman national football team is an important part of the country’s sporting culture and represents Oman in international competitions.

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